Quality and efficiency at the service of the most demanding customer

The goal behind Midesa’s corporate policy is to support our customers and improve our service and professional capabilities day after day.

Our corporate culture is based on values such as commitment to occupational health & safety, fulfilment of order deadlines, concern for quality, transparency, and business ethics.


Midesa was founded in 2007 and is mainly dedicated to drawing-based machining of metal parts, light and semi-heavy boiler-making, building of metal structures, and the maintenance and repair of industrial plant in general. We are located on the Kareaga industrial estate in Markina (province of Biscay), in the Basque machine tooling sector.

We have 1300 sq. metres of industrial premises, divided into 3 workshops with 5-ton overhead bridge cranes.

The workforce is currently made up of 35 highly qualified professionals with an average age of 40.

We are able to respond completely to our customers’ needs by manufacturing from individual parts and prototypes to medium production series.

For any processes that we cannot undertake ourselves, we have dedicated workshops that collaborate in such a way that we remain responsible for the entire manufacturing process: oxy-fuel cutting, hot or surface treatments, commercial parts, freight & transport, ... etc.


What distinguishes us from our competitors is that we have our own boiler making section to produce mechano-welded parts and machining equipment to machine parts up to 5 metres long. Our manufacturing route is very short because we do not have to move parts out of the workshop to carry out other operations.

We perform the entire process: materials and oxy-fuel cutting, shaping and welding, thermal or vibration stabilisation, assembly, painting, and hydraulic and electrical installations from customer drawings.


We are able to respond completely to our customers’ needs by machining from individual parts and prototypes to medium production series.

We have the following machines:

1 x CNC milling machine, travel: 5000x1200x1500
1 x CNC milling machine: 4000x1500x1500
2 x CNC milling machines: 3000x1100x1500
3 x CNC milling machines: 2200x1000x1000
2 x Mikron CNC milling machines: 1000x500x500
1 x MIKRON milling machine: 1400x750x700
1 x NC milling machine: 1000x500x500
2 x CNC lathes: 300 mm, distance between points 2000 mm
1 x CNC lathe: 700 mm, distance between points 2000 mm
1 x Conventional lathe, 400 mm, distance between points 1000 mm
2 x flat grinding machines with magnetic head, 600x300mm
5 x welding machines, up to 500 A
2 x manual and CNC plasma cutters
2 x CA40 drills for drill bits up to 40 mm
1 x shaping machine
3 x 5-ton cranes
Various hydraulic threaders, etc.

Assembly and Maintenance

Our assembly department is run by highly qualified technicians to guarantee success in any project.
We build and assemble all types of metal structures, machine tools, and high precision subsets from customer drawings.

Midesa puts at your disposal its vast experience in the industrial maintenance sector with the aim of providing its customers with fast, effective, no-hassle service.
Our no. 1 objective is to mitigate and prevent production losses due to your manufacturing equipment failing. To achieve that, we carry out various maintenance tasks in line with the needs of each individual client.